65% lower turnover compared to non-certified organizations.



50% higher likelihood of attracting highly qualified candidates.



42% of average US employees look forward to coming to work.



56% of average employees would recommend their company to others.

Shout it from the rooftops

When your company becomes Amazing Workplace Certified™, it becomes a beacon of workplace stability, employee happiness, and employee engagement.

The official stamp of amazing What is Amazing Workplace Certified™?

Becoming Amazing Workplace Certified™ recognizes your ongoing commitment to your employees, your company culture, and the general wellbeing of your organization. The certification process is performed with an Employee Happiness Survey, which gathers 145 unique data points about your company, intelligently compiled into a comprehensive report that cannot be found anywhere else.

Positive personified

Certification means your company is known for its positive work environment and employee satisfaction.

Respect at a glance

It's not 'just an award.' It's a signal for everything your company does–at a glance.

Devoted to culture

Amazing Workplace Certified™ means a company treats its employees well–declared by the employees themselves.

Simply amazing

From a top level, becoming Amazing Workplace Certified™ means only one thing. Your company is simply amazing.

Benefits of Certification Hint: It's not something to be kept quiet.

Attract top talent

Being Amazing Workplace Certified™ sets you apart and helps you attract highly skilled and motivated professionals.

Improve employer branding

Certification sends a positive message to customers, partners, and potential clients.

Increase customer trust

Certification as an amazing place to work signifies your company's dedication to ethical practices and employee wellbeing.

Improve industry recognition

Certification demonstrates that your organization adheres to rigorous standards and best practices.

Enhance partnerships

Certification makes your company an attractive partner for collaborations, joint ventures, and strategic alliances.

Boost employee morale

Certification serves as a morale booster for your employees, giving them a sense of pride.

Get Amazing Workplace Certified™ The Amazing Workplace Certification Process


Our Employee Happiness Survey™ is so much more than just a survey. Smart, friendly, and accessible from nearly any device, it puts the power of precise knowledge in your hands. By identifying the root causes of what makes your workplace amazing, it is a clear starting point from which to improve or transform your company.

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Once the results are in, we determine if your company qualifies as Amazing Workplace Certified™. If your workplace is not qualified, we offer a soup to nuts solution that delivers key insights and exact actions so your company can become Amazing Workplace Certified™.

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Being Amazing Workplace Certified™ will become the talk of the town. Spread your award far and wide, letting the whole world know that you have a wonderful place to work. Amazing Workplace Certified™ workplaces are announced in media outlets nationwide throughout the year.

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Become Amazing Workplace Certified™ Earn the full collection of awards

Once we determine you meet our requirements, you will earn the title of Amazing Workplace Certified™. This isn’t just a cute .jpeg we email you–it’s a full suite of icons and logos, as well as our complete media kit for use across all platforms.

Achieve All Awards

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The Engagement Award measures how enthusiastic and dedicated your employees feel toward their workplace.

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The Purpose Award measures employees' understanding, admiration, and alignment with your company's purpose.

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Learning & Development

The Learning & Development Award measures how supported employees feel in their job and career.

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The Productivity Award measures employees' perceptions of how much gets done, how much their workplace supports getting things done, and how motivated they feel to get things done.

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The Leadership Award measures how employees perceive their leaders, how effectively they feel led, how their leaders make them feel, and how likely they are to stay because of their leaders.

"We've used the recommendations that Amazing Workplace gave. The results are exactly what we wanted. Our customer service has improved so much that we are now getting client emails thanking us for amazing customer service. Amazing Workplace really delivers!"

"It is so easy to see the changes our employees want most. The Amazing Workplace Report gave us exact steps with email templates, communication guides, and more. I could not recommend Amazing Workplace enough!"

"We've done surveys for years and I was not fully sold on Amazing Workplace. Once I saw the online platform results - wow, just wow. There is nothing like the depth, easy of use, and exact actions. Very impressive."

Deliver the perfect first impression.

Get Certified

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